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Lais Schulz is a Digital Marketing expert, writer, and former photographer who loves helping small businesses to grow. Lais consults passion-driven businesses on how to increase their brand awareness through content marketing, often writing for their blogs as well.

10 Eggcellent Social Media Post Ideas for Easter

Are you looking for some great social media post ideas for Easter? It’s never too early to start planning your social content for major holidays. After all, you want to make sure it’s thought-out...

12 Social Media Post Ideas for Interior Designers

Interior designers, how do you feel about your social media content? If you’re not feeling super confident, don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place! With people spending more time at home during the...

How to Use the Instagram Food Sticker for Your Small Business

If you use Instagram Stories, you have probably already seen the food sticker that shows up along with the other fun stickers and gifs. But have you ever thought about how you can use...

How to Use Groupon to Get More Customers and Grow Your Small Business

Did you know that you can actually use Groupon to get more customers and grow your small business? It’s true! Even though Groupon might not be the first thing that comes to mind when...

How to Make Your Restaurant Stand Out in Food Delivery Apps

Have you ever wondered how you can make your restaurant or business stand out in food delivery apps? There are so many options out there now and so much competition that it sometimes seems...
baseball marketing ideas

Baseball Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses + Post Ideas

It's time to welcome back Major League Baseball and start planning some fun baseball marketing ideas and MLB-themed content for your small business.  You might be thinking, “Wait, opening day is still two months away!”...
april social media calendar

April Social Media Calendar and Post Ideas for Businesses

February just started, but if you've read any of our articles about how to create a social media plan or building out your content calendar, you know that you should plan in advance. So,...
Content Marketing for Small Businesses

Content Marketing for Small Businesses: A Guide for Beginners

You've probably heard about content marketing. But, most people don't really get what it is or how to use content marketing for small businesses. It is such a powerful tool and it is so...

Google My Business Posts: How to Use Them for Your Business

Did you know that you can create Google My Business Posts? That's right, in addition to creating your own Google My Business listing, you can also post on your GMB account. This is a...

The 8 Best Real Estate Instagram Accounts and Posts to Inspire You – and...

Are you a Real Estate agent who struggles to find interesting things to post on social media? Is it difficult to get authentic engagement with your followers? It certainly is not easy to build...

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