November Social Media Calendar + Post Ideas for Businesses

November social media calendar

November is one of the most important months for marketing, second only to December. It contains important holidays like Thanksgiving and big marketing events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

If you want to take advantage of these opportunities, you absolutely must plan ahead. September is the perfect time to start thinking about what you want to do and how you’re going to execute your strategy. You will need some extra time to plan, especially if you want to do something bigger, like host an event or hold a huge sale or a giveaway.

While you’re planning your November social media calendar, you don’t want to overlook some of the smaller days of observance that you might want to celebrate with a post on Facebook or a relevant discount coupon. 

In order to help you come up with great ideas for marketing campaigns and social media posts, we’ve compiled some inspiration and ideas for you in this article. So, take a look at the special dates that are coming up in November then sit down and plan out your social media calendar!

These are all fun holidays and days of observance and you might feel tempted to celebrate all of them, but we urge you to just choose only the ones that make sense to you and your business. For example, you might LOVE tacos, but if you own an Italian restaurant, you might not be able to celebrate Taco Day (unless you get really creative). However, there are probably plenty of other options that make sense for your business to participate in.

Are you ready to start planning? Let’s go!

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November Holidays and Days of Observance

Child Safety Protection Month – If you own a business that takes care of kids or provides clothes or toys for kids, this might be a relevant one to celebrate. Remember, you’ll be talking to parents, not children. This is a great opportunity to showcase any items you sell that helps to keep children safe, like car seats or baby gates. If you own a childcare center or work as a nanny, you can talk about how safe you keep the environment or which classes and certifications you’ve obtained that have to do with child safety. Show some examples of the things you do to keep kids safe. Share some tips with parents so they can keep their own kids safer at home. Since this is a month-long holiday, you might want to consider a longer promotion or a series of posts to bring more attention to the issue. Remember, the more valuable the content, the better the potential to turn followers into customers. First-time parents will especially love this type of content!

November social media calendar child safety

Diabetes Awareness Month – Diabetes Awareness Month’s number one goal is to raise awareness about type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Nutritionists, doctors, and other medical-themed businesses are the first thing that comes to mind, but anywhere that sells health food can also take advantage of this opportunity to reach new people on social media. The goal is to inspire, educate, and share useful content. Talk to your customers and see if any of them would like to share their story with diabetes. Share videos of nutritionists or health professionals that could talk about diabetes and ways to prevent it. Post recipes featuring healthy ingredients that you sell in your store. Get creative and put together a series of posts (maybe enough to share something once or twice a week). This will give you plenty of great content to share with your followers and customers.

Native American Heritage Month – November is the perfect time for businesses that are based on American heritage and history. This is a month to celebrate, share your story, and talk about how your products or services are linked to American heritage. Consider giving your followers a small discount on these special items, or you could even create a workshop so people can learn more about this amazing history!

November social media calendar american heritage

November Calendar

November 1st – Daylight Saving Time Ends (United States) [FREE Social Media Templates]

Who would want to celebrate the fact that Daylight Saving Time is ending? Anyone who likes a little extra sleep! In November, we “fall back” which means one extra hour of sleep. You could create a fun post about that or about the fact that we’re “going back in time” and gaining an extra hour. Get creative and get your customers excited about this mundane holiday!

November 1st – All Saints’ Day [FREE Social Media Templates]

All Saints’ Day is primarily a Christian festival that honors all of the saints. If you own a religious-based business or you post on behalf of a  church and you want to celebrate this date, this is the perfect time to share a meaningful quote or post a special prayer on your page. Be sure to include your handle on the image because people will most likely share your post and you want to make sure people know where the content originated from.

November 1st – Dia de los Muertos [FREE Social Media Templates]

Dia de Los Muertos is an indigenous celebration that originated in Mexico where people celebrate the dead with food, sweets, parties, and costumes. So, invite your customers to celebrate this celebratory holiday with a special event, a free gift with purchase, or a one day only sale.

November social media calendar dia de los muertos

November 3rd – Sandwich Day [FREE Social Media Templates]

This is the perfect day to give your customers a discount on your sandwich menu. If you don’t want to do a discount, you can give them something for free if they buy a sandwich (like a cookie or pickle), or create a special sandwich that’s only available for a week or a month. Want to do something free? Just make a funny post like this one from No Frills. Sandwich Day is a perfect time to ramp up your engagement on social media with a fun post or meme.

November 4th – National Stress Awareness Day [FREE Social Media Templates]

Almost everyone can relate to the feeling of being stressed. This is the perfect opportunity to create some relevant and helpful content for your audience. If you work in mental health, you can create content targeting stress awareness for a week or even a month. It’s a big topic, and there are so many ways you can help people navigate and manage it. Create lists, videos, host live chats with people who are also experts in the subject, or host a virtual event. This is the best way to build trust with your audience. This is also a great idea for spa owners, massage studios, and even gym owners. Show people how important your services are for their mental health and give them a special deal on National Stress Awareness Day.

November social media calendar stress awareness

November 6th – Love Your Lawyer Day [FREE Social Media Templates]

Lawyers usually get a bad reputation and there’s plenty of not-so-kind jokes out there about them. So, if you’re a lawyer, why not flip the script and celebrate Love Your Lawyer Day on November 6? Share some insights about your profession, create a cute graphic featuring one of your favorite client testimonials, or talk about a strong lawyer (real or fictional) that you admire and tell your followers why you admire them. 

November 11th – Singles’ Day [FREE Social Media Templates]

Where are the single ladies (and gentlemen) at? November 11 is the perfect day to shine a spotlight on your single customers! There’s so much hype around Valentine’s day, so why not make just as big of a deal about Single’s Day? You could give away a spa day for one, a table for one at your restaurant, or host a “singles only” event for your single customers to meet up and have fun!

November 11th – Veterans Day [FREE Social Media Templates]

Celebrate those who have served in the American Armed Forces with a special post or discount. Create a post with a beautiful quote or image that honors their service. Give them something for free, a special discount, share their stories, host an event, or even give your profits for the day to an association that helps veterans. There are so many ways you can support veterans, so just choose one and share what you’re doing with your audience!

November social media calendar veterans day

November 13th – World Kindness Day [FREE Social Media Templates]

Celebrating kindness is something every business can do. It’s not just about talking the talk; you actually have to walk the walk. People want more than just a cute post. Do something kind on behalf of your business! Give your profits of the day to those in need, give someone a warm meal, ask your customers to donate clothes they don’t wear anymore to your favorite local charity. Take responsibility and work with your customers to give and be kind. Use this opportunity to set an example and stand up for a cause. When you do, your customers will see your values and feel closer to you.

November social media calendar world kindness day

November 14th – Diwali [FREE Social Media Templates]

Diwali is a religious festival that originated in India and is usually celebrated by Hindus. On this day, people usually wear nice clothes, share food, and light candles and fireworks. If it’s relevant to you or your business, this might be a good opportunity to educate and showcase this beautiful holiday and talk about what this day means to the people who celebrate it. 

November 15th – America Recycles Day [FREE Social Media Templates]

We all know that recycling is important, but America Recycles Day is a good opportunity to talk about why it matters. Why do you care about recycling? Share your story and your motivations with your followers. Is there something special you do in your business to make your products more eco-friendly? Share about it. Do you own a clothing store? Do a clothing drive and give a discount to everyone who brings in an old item of clothing to donate. Do you own a retail store that sells reusable water bottles, straws, or shopping bags? Offer a discount to honor America Recycles Day! Get creative and celebrate this important cause!

November social media calendar america recycles

November 16th – Fast Food Day [FREE Social Media Templates]

Do you own a fast-food franchise? If so, this is your day! Invite your customers to celebrate Fast Food Day with you by offering discounts, buy one get one sales, or a special “secret” menu. If you want, you don’t just have to restrict it to one day. You could celebrate for the entire week or even month if you want to… just make sure your biggest discounts or events happen on November 16th. Since this is such a big opportunity for fast food restaurants to market themselves, you want to make sure you start planning early and post well in advance of the celebrations so people will start to get curious and plan their visit. 

November 19th – International Men’s Day

Celebrate International Men’s Day by offering something extra special for your male customers. Give them a discount, create a giveaway, or host an event. You could also use this holiday to raise awareness about a subject that is important to men, create a workshop, videos, live chats, or even a series of posts on social media. Use this day to show the men some love and help them relax or treat themselves.

November 20th – Trans Day of Remembrance

This is a very important day for the trans community. This day of observance was created to honor and remember those who were killed as a result of transphobia. It’s not a day to celebrate, but it is a good day to raise awareness and support their cause. Think about what your business can do to raise awareness and support trans people. You don’t need to be specifically an LGBTQ+ business or a trans person yourself to participate. This is about taking care of other human beings. Use your voice for good and even consider sharing some of your profits with an organization that gives trans people support.

November social media calendar trans day

November 20th – Universal Children’s Day

This is not just the perfect day to celebrate our own kids but also to raise awareness for children who might be struggling in some way. Celebrate the children of the world by creating posts, coming up with fun games for kids, or give parents some ideas of special things they could do with their kids. You could host an event for kids and even donate some part of your profits to an organization that helps underprivileged children. If you can, use your business as a way to raise awareness among your social media followers and show them how they can join you to help those who might need it, especially this year when people might be struggling more than ever.

November 21st – World Television Day

Television has brought us so much joy and so many memories! Who doesn’t love to get cozy on the couch and watch a movie or TV show in their spare time? World Television Day is the perfect opportunity to bond with your social media followers over your favorite shows or movies. Ask people to leave a comment with the last thing they watched on TV or their favorite Saturday morning cartoon when they were a kid. Is there an iconic TV character that aligns with your business? Honor them in a social media post! Create a fun TV quiz, poll, or even a contest. Host a fun television-themed trivia night or create a drive-in theater where you watch old TV shows in your parking lot. This is a super fun holiday that you can be really creative with!  

November 23rd – Espresso Day

If you own a coffee shop, this is your big moment! Create a sale on your espresso drinks or come up with a special new drink just for that day! Do a social media giveaway and award the winner with a gift card. Even if you don’t own a coffee shop, you can team up with a local one to do a giveaway. I mean, who doesn’t love coffee? The free caffeine will be sure to win over new customers and create fans for life.

November social media calendar expresso day

November 26th – Thanksgiving Day [FREE Social Media Templates]

This is definitely one of the most important days of the whole year, which is why we’ve created an entire post with tips on how to market your business for Thanksgiving with clever and creative post ideas for all types of businesses. In any case, this is a fairly easy holiday to celebrate. You don’t need to create a special sale or do anything very elaborate. You can just wish your customers a “Happy Thanksgiving” and share some of the things you’re feeling thankful for this year. If you don’t want to do that, you could share a video of you and your team (bonus points if people are dressed up as turkeys) or you could even share some cooking tips or cocktail recipes to help your followers with their Thanksgiving meal. This is a great day to show people that they’re part of your family and that you’re grateful for them. 

November 27th – Black Friday [FREE Social Media Templates]

Some businesses live and breathe for Black Friday. No doubt, it’s an amazing opportunity to make more money and attract new customers. You just have to be sure to plan in advance. There are a lot of businesses competing for the same shoppers, so plan your Black Friday campaign carefully and make sure you’re giving people really good deals. If you are a small business and you don’t think you can compete with the big box stores, try partnering up with some other local businesses to do some kind of punch card or collaborative event. When you team up, you’ll broaden your reach and you’ll be able to give more value.

November social media calendar black friday post ideas

November 28th – Small Business Saturday [FREE Social Media Templates]

This day is the perfect day to celebrate your small business! Share some interesting facts about your business, ask customers to share their favorite memories with your business, or just talk about what small businesses mean to your community. If you’re a B2B business that works primarily with small business owners, consider giving them a special discount to show them a little bit of love. It doesn’t matter what you do to celebrate Small Business Saturday, it’s just important that you do something. Being a small business owner isn’t easy, so use this opportunity to highlight how important they are to you and encourage your followers to do the same.

November 29th – Start of Advent

In many countries, the Start of Advent means the beginning of the Christmas season. If you’re ahead of the curve, you might have already organized a fun campaign around Advent where you reveal a special offer or fun tidbit every day. If you didn’t do that, you can use this time to start planning your big Christmas events and specials. You might think it’s too early, but trust us, it will sneak up on you fast. Give your customers enough time to plan their holiday shopping and Christmas calendar and keep reminding them because everyone’s brains are so scrambled with everything that’s happening!

November 30th – Cyber Monday [FREE Social Media Templates]

Just like Black Friday, Cyber Monday is a day that’s known for great discounts and sales, but for items that are sold online and shipped to their home. Give your customers something that makes the waiting worthwhile. This holiday is mostly about giving people discounts or special offers, so step up your game and give them something that will really make them feel compelled to place an order. 10% off probably won’t cut it, unless you rarely discount your offerings in which case, this is a great time to do so and hype it up a few days in advance so people can start filling their carts!

November social media calendar cyber mondai post ideas

Want to have a look at the social media calendar for the whole year?! Click here and check out our list with the most important days of observance and holidays for small businesses.


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