The 8 Best Nail Artists Instagram Accounts and Posts to Inspire You – and Why We Love Them!

Nail art is pretty visual, so it’s natural to think that in order to get tons of likes and new followers, all you need to do is post pictures of your work. However, if you’ve been on Instagram for a while, you’ve probably noticed that growing on the platform is not as easy as most people think. Instagram is pretty competitive; after all, about 112.5 million people are using it.

So what can you do to grow your following, increase your bookings, and get discovered by your target customers? Well, for starters, we recommend you read our guide about Instagram marketing and our article that contains social media post ideas for businesses – I’m sure you’ll find something helpful there!

We also know how important it is to get inspired by people who are doing great work in the same niche. That’s why we’ve created this list featuring some of the best nail artists Instagram accounts and posts out there. They’re doing an amazing job promoting themselves and their work on Instagram accounts. Check them out below!


8 Best Nail Artists Instagram Accounts and Posts


1. @sohotrightnail

Bel Fountain-Townsend, the woman behind @shohotrightnail, is doing a great job on her Instagram and on her nails. They are definitely very original and creative.

What I like about her profile, though, is that she shares some content in a video format. Sometimes she’ll just show the finished nail art and sometimes she’ll show her entire process for creating a certain look. This works so well because sometimes, photos just cannot capture the work that goes into nail art.

Videos, on the other hand, can show the glow, texture, and glitter much better. Plus, they’re popular because people absolutely love to watch how things are done. It’s just a lot of fun to see the work in progress, even if you’re not going to recreate it.

Best Nail Artists Instagram sohotrightnail


  1. @chelseaqueen

Chelsea King’s nail art is beautiful, and she does a pretty good job sharing her work on her Instagram page @chelseaqueen. But what I like the most about her account are the tutorials she posts on IGTV and then promotes on her feed – this is why she is on the list of the best nail artists Instagram accounts.

Utilizing IGTV is a great way to encourage your audience to engage with you and learn from you. Sometimes, nail artists are afraid that if they show people how to do it, they’ll stop coming to you or they won’t pay you for your work. That’s simply not true. People will always want to get their nails done professionally, even if you show them how they could do it themselves.

Remember: sharing your knowledge is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. So if you have time to do a quick tutorial once in a while, you should definitely do it.

Best Nail Artists Instagram chelseaqueen


  1. @tinybrushes

What I like the most about Meagan Knight – the woman behind @tinybrushes – is that she is authentic, young, and fun. It’s so clear when you look at her pictures and posts that she loves color and playful design. Her whole Instagram presence communicates this vibe, which makes her brand cohesive and fun to follow.

Best Nail Artists Instagram tinybrushes

Her photos are well shot, and most of them have a colorful background or feature colorful nails. Sometimes, she shares pictures of herself with some personal comments and while I do not advise that you mix your personal and professional content in one account, I think it’s ok to post something personal once in a while on your business page. This makes it easier for people to connect with you and see you as a real human being.

You should definitely give some thought to what you want your brand to symbolize and then try to incorporate those descriptors into your Instagram account and posts, just like Meagan does!


  1. @beautyaddictedd

If there’s one thing that’s very obvious on @beautyaddictedd‘s Instagram account, it’s consistency. Her photos are exactly the same, all the way down her feed. This isn’t my favorite way to manage an Instagram account, but it’s easier to manage for sure. You don’t really have to think about what to post… it’s always going to be a version of the same shot. 

On the upside, I like the fact that a new client can easily see her work up close and even choose the nails he/she wants before the appointment. When you’re scrolling through the feed, it feels like you’re looking at a catalog, which can be really helpful. 

Best Nail Artists Instagram beautyaddictedd


  1. @cassmariebeauty

Oh my, I absolutely love @cassmariebeauty‘s Instagram account. I love the nails, the photos, the light, the sense of aesthetics, the variety of angles, and backgrounds. It’s absolutely beautiful! Their feed is so well organized, it makes me want to just keep scrolling forever. For me, it’s one of the best nail artists Instagram accounts.

The colors on this account are well-chosen, they make good use of accessories and the lighting shows very little contrast. I also like how they use different angles all the time so the photos don’t become repetitive and it makes it easier to see multiple angles of the nail art. This is a different approach from the previous account we looked at, where the hand is positioned the same exact way shot after shot. It’s so much more interesting to look at. 

Best Nail Artists Instagram cassmariebeauty


  1. @valleynyc

Apart from doing a phenomenal job creating beautiful and original nail art, @valleynyc also does an amazing job encouraging their customers to create content for them. How do they do this? They offer special deals for clients who post a picture of their nails on Instagram! 

Basically, they offer a $15 discount to clients if they share a photo of their nails (the salon must be tagged) and it gets regrammed. This not only gives them access to a steady stream of high-quality user-generated content, but it also helps promote their brand to all of their clients’ networks!

Best Nail Artists Instagram valleynyc

  1. @divaqueenyishun

I like the fact that Diva Queen Nail Salon (@divaqueenyishun) cares about the visual aesthetics of their Instagram Feed, but what I like the most is that they create special deals – like bundles of services – and giveaways. These posts look like they were created in Canva, and they perfectly complement the photos they share of their nail art. 

Best Nail Artists Instagram divaqueenyishun


  1. @drybylondon

Dry By London (@drybylondon) is a hair and nail salon, but their feed consists mostly of nails and it’s one of the best nail artists Instagram accounts. What I like about their Instagram presence is that they have pretty consistent imagery, even without it being 100% nail art photos. They do this with intentional lighting and filter usage. None of the photos are too dark or use harsh direct light and they always use a neutral background. This helps to add variety, giving the audience a lot of beautiful images without looking or feeling monotonous. 

Best Nail Artists Instagram drybylondon

Best Nail Artists Instagram drybylondon

I also like how they share other images, like photos of their space, city, and even some quotes. But the most important is that even sharing images that are not exclusively about nails keep the clean and classic aesthetics. Their feed and photos just make me feel like getting my nails done right now!

Best Nail Artists Instagram drybylondon 3


We can’t wait to see what you do. Please tag us using the hashtag #GrowingMyBiz so we can see and share your work!

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