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iGB Affiliate Barcelona 2025

Start Date January 21, 2025
End Date January 22, 2025
FIRA Gran Via in Barcelona Spain

iGB Affiliate Barcelona 2025 is a premier event for the iGaming affiliate industry, scheduled for January 21-22 at the FIRA Gran Via in Barcelona. iGB Affiliate Barcelona 2025 is designed to connect affiliates with iGaming operators, affiliate programs, and tech vendors in a dynamic, live setting. The event fosters exceptional business networking, content, and thought leadership, which are crucial for building trust-based partnerships and fueling growth within the iGaming affiliate ecosystem. It serves as a vital hub for over 6,500 affiliates and professionals to gain the skills and knowledge essential for leadership in the ever-evolving industry. The event features 150+ affiliate network programs, 200+ exhibitors, and offers free passes for affiliates.


iGB Affiliate Barcelona 2025 is a pivotal gathering in the iGaming affiliate industry. This event is tailored to enhance the connections between affiliates, iGaming operators, affiliate programs, and technology vendors. It aims to propel business growth and collaboration within the industry through extensive networking opportunities and an immersive learning environment.


The iGB Affiliate 2024 Awards were a highlight of iGB Affiliate Barcelona, taking place on February 8. The event featured a unique “futuristic fantasy” theme, blending elements of cyberpunk and fairytales. It celebrated the past year’s achievements and innovations within the iGaming affiliate community, honoring those who have significantly contributed to the industry.

Event Highlights

  • Extensive Networking Opportunities: Facilitated sessions to connect with industry peers and leaders.
  • Educational Seminars: Sessions designed to enhance knowledge and leadership in the iGaming affiliate market.
  • Exhibitor Showcases: More than 200 exhibitors presenting the latest technologies and services in iGaming.

What’s in it for You?

  • Free Affiliate Passes
  • Networking Pass
  • Sponsor/Exhibit Opportunities


What are the dates and location for iGB Affiliate Barcelona 2025?

January 21-22, at FIRA Gran Via, Barcelona.

Are there any costs associated with attending the event?

Affiliate passes are free, other attendees should check the event website for registration details.

What were the highlights of the iGB Affiliate 2024 Awards?

The iGB Affiliate 2024 Awards on February 8 celebrated industry achievements with a “futuristic fantasy” theme, honoring key contributors to the iGaming affiliate community.

What can attendees expect at iGB Affiliate events?

Attendees can engage in robust networking, attend educational seminars, and explore over 200 exhibitor showcases featuring the latest in iGaming technology and services.

What are the benefits of obtaining a free affiliate pass at iGB Affiliate?

Free affiliate passes provide access to a unique event focused on empowering the iGaming affiliate community, offering opportunities for networking and growth.

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affiliates, affiliate managers, operators, and tech vendors, all of whom stand to benefit from networking and learning opportunities at the event